Maxi Jazz (Faithless)


Founded in 2013 the band Café del Mundo looks back on eight studio productions, over 100 concerts a year in over 15 countries worldwide. Many thousands of concert visitors and 40,000 albums sold so far show the strong response to this unique, innovative music project. Jan & Alex are regularly welcome guests on radio and television. And with the sympathetic, loving way in which the two artists also go their authentic way in business, we look forward to a great future.

Our philosophy

Music is created in this very moment that a musician experiences as creative. In this way, every music describes a unique moment. It reminds us of what is essential. A single tone can hold the cultural legacy of a nation. Every sound has a destiny, it fades away at some point and thus gives new space to young sounds.

Music is well-being. Music is identification with the authenticity of an individual. Music is freedom. Music is a journey. Come with us!

What we do

We promote the music of Café del Mundo and organise the schedule and guest performances.

MUNDO Promotion

booking agency for Café del Mundo

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Label & Direct distribution for Café del Mundo

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